Barcode Scanners Χειρός

Datalogic Scanning

Datalogic Quickscan I Datalogic QD-2130 Quickscan Mobile
Datalogic Heron D130 Datalogic Gryphon D230
Quick Scan I
QuickScan L
Quick Scan Mobile
Heron D130 Gryphon D230
Datalogic GD4300 Gryphone I GBT 4100

Gryphon L GD4300 Gryphon I GBT4100

Motorola (Symbol)

Motorola LS-2208 Motorola LS9208
Motorola LS-3408 Motorola LS-4208 Motorola LS-4208
Motorola LS-2208
Motorola LS-9208
Motorola LS-3408
Motorola LS-4208
Motorola LS-3578

Scantech - ID

Champtek V-1010
Champtek V-1020

Scantech - ID VEGA V-1010

Scantech - ID VEGA V-1020


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